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May 22, 2017

Chairs for Estheticians, Doctors and Laboratory Technicians in Canada

SpinaliS Smart series chairs for active sitting are voted number in the BEST CHAIR for aestheticians, estheticians, doctors and laboratory technicians categories. In addition to that we have received top scores in design, functionality and health benefits nominations. Thousands of users cannot be wrong!

This is what we still have in stock:

Chairs for Estheticians, Doctors and Laboratory Technicians in Canada

Traditional estheticians, also known as skincare specialists, clean skin through skin exfoliation, massage, aromatherapy and facials. They also analyze skin for problems and temporarily remove hair. Estheticians may apply makeup and consult individuals on the best products for their skin type. Estheticians can be found in beauty salons, resorts, fitness clubs and spas.

There are different types of doctors, but these are the common ones that enjoy benefits of SpinaliS Smart series chairs for active sitting – addiction psychiatrists, adolescent medicine specialists, allergists, immunologists, anesthesiologists, cardiac electrophysiologists, cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, colon and rectal surgeons, critical care medicine specialists, dermatologists, developmental pediatricians, emergency medicine specialists, endocrinologists, family medicine physicians, forensic pathologist, gastroenterologist, geriatric medicine specialist, gynecologist, gynecologic oncologist, hand surgeon, hematologists, hepatologists, hospitalists, hospice and palliative medicine specialists, hyperbaric physicians, infectious disease specialists, internists, interventional cardiologists, medical examiners, medical geneticists, neonatologists, nephrologistm eurological surgeons, neurologists, nuclear medicine specialists, obstetricians, occupational medicine specialists, oncologists, ophthalmologists, oral surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, otolaryngologist, ear, nose, and throat specialists, pain management specialists, pathologists, pediatricians, perinatologists, physiatrists, plastic surgeons, psychiatrists, pulmonologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, reproductive endocrinologists, rheumatologists, sleep disorders specialists, spinal cord injury specialists, sports medicine specialists, surgeon, thoracic surgeons, urologists and vascular surgeons.

Chairs for Estheticians, Doctors and Laboratory Technicians in Canada

Chairs for Estheticians, Doctors and Laboratory Technicians in Canada

Chairs for Estheticians, Doctors and Laboratory Technicians in Canada

Order online at https://www.spinalis-chairs.ca/spinalis-chairs/ and we will deliver any of the SpinaliS chairs of your choice right to your door!

For more info call 844 777 0489
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FREE Shipping Anywhere in Canada
Alberta AB, British Columbia BC, Manitoba MN, New Brunswick NB, Newfoundland and Labrador NL, Northwest Territories NT, Nova Scotia NS, Nunavut NU, Ontario ON, Prince Edward Island PEI, Quebec QC, Saskatchewan SK, Yukon YT (Alberta, Colombie-Britannique, Nouveau-Brunswick, Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador, Territoires du Nord-Ouest, Nouvelle-Écosse, Nunavut, Ontario, Île-du-Prince-Édouard, Québec, Saskatchewan, Yukon)

Medical Device
SpinaliS chairs were developed with a help of doctors and evaluated as a Class I medical device. Clinical evaluation of the medical device was processed by multiple clinics in Europe. However, in Canada, it is not possible to claim SpinaliS chairs to write your taxes off and they are not covered by any kind of medical insurance or health plan, yet.

Abs and Back Workout
Work out while sitting on any of the SpinaliS chairs and performing your daily tasks at the office or home.

Back Pain Relief
SpinaliS Chairs will work out your core muscles for you. Just sit, do your thing and leave everything else up to SpinaliS.

Stylish Office Chairs
Design of the SpinaliS Chairs is an eye candy – your customers will definitely notice them!

Yoga Ball Alternative
It is recommended not to sit longer than 2 hours on a yoga ball, but on the SpinaliS chairs you can sit all day long.

Standing Desk Alternative
SpinaliS chairs will actually make your body to work out and get you into a great shape without the hard task of standing or exercising.

Who does use SpinaliS?
Google, Dubai Airport, SONY, IBM, DELL, Skoda Auto, CSOB Bank, Unicredit Bank, Vodafone and many more.

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