DXRacer Canada

April 27, 2016

I Create Music with FL Studios and Make Pokemon Videos

GlitchxCity says that she uses FL Studios 10 to make the music you can find on her Youtube channel. Check out what she got as well as her brand new DXRacer chair!
Get yours at https://www.dxracer.ca or call 1 877 857 9609
Strong and Comfortable Computer, Gaming and Office Chairs

Shoutout to DXRacer for hooking us up with DXRacer Canada gamingSource: glitchxcity

I-Create-Music-with-FL-Studios-and-Make-Pokemon-VideosSource: IT DOESN’T SMELL THAT BAD! Tokyo Treat’s Japanese Candy Pokemon Unboxing!

About GlitchxCity

Yo! I’m Glitch and I make music and Pokemon videos. I sometimes include tokens from games with keyblades, hedgehogs, a plumber, a left-handed elf, and things from other games as well.

Inspired by PokeRemixStudio, I have been making videos for about five years, and music for a little over four now. I never thought that the remixes and arrangements I did would be acknowledged from around the world. I get messages daily from people who I have unknowingly impacted their lives in some way. THAT’S INSANELY AWESOME!

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